What is Metaphysics and Metaphysical Humanism?

When thinking of metaphysics, many people think of the occult or the devil, or they may conjure up a mental image of whacky New Agers on the fringe of reality touting their latest blend of “snake oil,” or witches and warlocks casting spells as they dance naked around an open fire. While there will always be those on the fringe of any human endeavor, metaphysics in general has nothing to do with the foregoing description.

Metaphysics is actually the scientific study of consciousness, existence, and reality. It explores and endeavors to answer the "Why?" question about who we are, where we came from, and how we fit into the Grand Scheme of things. Anytime a person asks about the nature of how something works, he or she is delving into the realm of metaphysics.

Metaphysics has been around since the dawn of humanity and covers a wide field of study including everything from theoretical mathematics to physics to cosmology to psychic phenomena. Metaphysics is a valid field of study both in and outside of the scientific community. Many Metaphysicists or Metaphysicians practice varied forms of metaphysics such as hypnosis, alternative healing, spiritual counseling, life-coaching, psychic readings, paranormal research, and many others that have a compelling basis in reality. Every religion is also metaphysical in nature; but rather than a religion itself, metaphysics is more about how we view and seek to understand the Cosmos.

Metaphysical Humanism
Metaphysical Humanism is simply our term for the study of metaphysics focused on understanding and enhancing the human condition and all that it encompasses (it is also called Metaphysical Humanistic Science in our degree program). Unlike the two extremes of typical Secular Humanism vs. religion in general, it takes a meaningful, practical, and rational approach to metaphysics devoid of rigid, superstitious, mythical, and ungrounded beliefs that rely on aberrational faith to accept. Metaphysical Humanism is about exploring, understanding, and enhancing the human condition in a variety of ways; it’s about empowering the human spirit; and it’s about discovering the true nature of our existence in relation to all that is.

Through our educational programs, we believe in teaching meaningful metaphysical principles that serve to help people lead more successful and fulfilling lives, and who, in turn, use these principles to help others. Perhaps the greatest and most encouraging common denominator of those interested in metaphysics is that they have a deep desire to help raise the level of human consciousness in positive ways. They believe in the premise that if each person has a positive effect on those within his or her sphere of influence, the entire world benefits. We applaud all those who would join us in this growing field of study because with many, we have a better chance of learning what life is truly all about!