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Spirit of Life Radio Program - Exploring Science and Spirituality (Formerly, Metaphysical Universe)

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ICMH Church offers a variety of educational programs including regular live broadcasts. We continually work to feature a growing variety of topics and occasional guest speakers that contain many practical life-skills and relationship-enriching techniques. These will not only improve your life, but will also lift your spirits!


March 2021 Programs

March 3, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Past Lives & Injured Memories

Tonight we explore again the realm of past lives and how those lives can affect our present. We explore the notion of past life injury showing itself in this life, and we share stories from Dr. Hunter, and our live listeners of past experiences of this very phenomena. What kind of implications can this have for the nature of our existence? How does this tie in to our perceptions of the world around us? Join us as we try to answer these questions and more on another journey through the metaphysical world!


March 10, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Perceptions of Reality



March 17, 2021

Mindful Expansion -



March 24, 2021

Mindful Expansion -



March 31, 2021

Mindful Expansion -



February 2021 Programs

February 3, 2021

Mindful Expansion

There are few things more interesting, riveting, and oftentimes mysterious than our dreams. On this broadcast we explore our dreams and the underlying meaning they can have. We talk not only about the unconscious mind, but the collective unconscious. Are we humans entangled & interconnected with one another through a collective unconscious mind? Join us as we explore the depths of our dreams and metaphysical entanglement in tonight's Spirit of Life broadcast!


February 10, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Paranormal Talk with Dr. Doug Kelley

Our world is vast, and full of wonder. And there have been many paranormal events that defy explanation. However, tonight we discuss the importance of staying grounded, and to look for solid reasoning and evidence to support our claims and ideas. Dr. Doug Kelley joins us to discuss the importance of proper paranormal investigation and the fundamental wisdom of Occam's Razor; in the absence of evidence the simplest explanation is likely the correct one. We explore critical thinking, and we delve into the programs that the Institute of Metaphysics offers for exploring this field. Join us for another engaging discussion on the world of metaphysics!


February 17, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Prophetic Dreams and Warning Dreams

Our dreams fascinate & mystify us, and can be windows into our unconscious mind. But they can, at times, also offer a window into the outside world. Many of us can recall a situation that is strongly familiar, it’s more than deja vu, and suddenly the dream comes back to you. Some can intuit further, and it’s long been held that dreams can bring visions of the future. Not all are bad. Tonight we explore these concepts of both positive and negative prophecy, the power of human consciousness, and delve into the strange and twisting nature of time with probabilities and outcomes constantly in shift. Join us for another fascinating discussion of metaphysics!


February 24, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Time Warps and Memory

Human memory is a tricky thing. On one hand, it's key to the narrative we build for ourselves, our lives, and our identities. On the other, it's often unreliable, can be easily manipulated, and even false memories can be created, thus changing the narrative. Tonight we discuss the intricacies of human memory, and explore the relationship of time and perception. Join us for another exploration of human consciousness!


January 2021 Programs

January 6, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Finding Something in Nothingness, with Dr. Doug Kelley

We have seen much chaos of late, and when we are faced with such challenges it’s important to face them head on. Tonight Dr. Doug Kelley tackles the issues that have come to the forefront in our society with recent acts of violence in the United States Capitol. When times necessitate, there can be no ambiguity when it comes to the moral position of the International Church of Metaphysical Humanism, and Dr. Kelley states that position unequivocally in tonight’s broadcast. We further explore the ability to find meaning, finding something worth pursuing, in nothingness. We discuss how in the face of seeming futility we can find hope, how we can find purpose in helping those around us, enjoying our lives, and contributing to a better world. Join us as we usher in the new year and face our challenges head on!


January 13, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Core Values & Maintaining Boundaries

What do we define as core values? And, is there such a thing as universal core values? Tonight, we take a deep dive into ethics, integrity, and respect for life. We also discuss the importance of maintaining healthy boundaries, and how that is itself a critical value to hold for a happy life. Join us as we again explore the world of Metaphysics and philosophy!


January 20, 2021

Mindful Expansion

There are moments in life we find the need to reset, not only as individuals, but, at times, as a people. We discuss tonight the potential for collective energy shifts, that is the collective will and actions of a community and society shifting fundamentally. We talk about the positive energy that we can contribute to this, and how we can help shape the world we find ourselves in. Join us as we explore these topics and more on another deep dive into the metaphysical realm!


January 27, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Reincarnation

It can be argued that life and the world around us has a cyclical nature, but does this dynamic hold true as we journey into the next phase of our existence? Tonight we take another deep dive into the world of metaphysics talking about reincarnation. We begin with its eastern roots, going through Buddhism and into more esoteric ideas about life and the soul. We also explore the relationship of linear time with the concept of life and rebirth. Please join us as we explore the fascinating and wide ranging concept of reincarnation!