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Spirit of Life Radio Program - Exploring Science and Spirituality (Formerly, Metaphysical Universe)

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ICMH Church offers a variety of educational programs including regular live broadcasts. We continually work to feature a growing variety of topics and occasional guest speakers that contain many practical life-skills and relationship-enriching techniques. These will not only improve your life, but will also lift your spirits!


December 2021 Programs

December 1, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Finding Hope

When we are faced with darkness and fatalism in our lives, we turn to our most powerful weapon against them: hope. Hope is the most powerful motivator for humanity. It allows us to push forward in the darkness and find light in the world. It drives us to create light and become a power for good in this life. Tonight on Spirit of Life, we discuss the power of hope and how to find it in the darkest of moments, and how we must safeguard our hope, for it is the first and last failsafe of our existence. Please join us as we continue to engage our curiosity and explore the human condition!


December 8, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Making New Traditions

On this week’s Spirit of Life, we take time to consider traditions. Why do we celebrate them, and what societal influences are at work? We examine both old and new celebrations and traditions across several cultures and their history. We also discuss the need to make our own traditions and do our best to be honest with ourselves; to not let social pressures decide what we will and will not celebrate. Please join us as we engage our curiosity and continue to explore the human condition!


December 15, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Animal Consciousness

Tonight we examine animal consciousness and what it means for metaphysics. Animals and their level of intelligence and awareness vary greatly. By examining and understanding the varying levels of awareness and consciousness exhibited we can gain a greater understanding of what it means to be aware of the world around us, and what it really means to be human. Please join us as we explore the most fundamental aspect of metaphysics, the study of awareness and the search for truth, this week on Spirit of Life!


December 22, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Grief and Farewells

On today’s broadcast we examine not only how to manage grief, but what it really means to grieve. This does not simply pertain to lost life, but also to relationships and changing life stages. There is power in letting go and moving on, but all things must be in balance. Join Drs. Vicki Hunter and Michael Kelley for an exploration of entanglement, empowerment, and how we can strengthen the soul on Spirit of Life!


December 29, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Stepping Into a New Future

Following our discussion of letting go of the past, this week we look into the future. There is immense power in the human ability to create. As we face the New Year, we must decide how we are going to use this power and what world we are going to help build. Dr. Hunter also explains the importance of having realistic goals and how little changes can build over time. Please join us on Spirit of Life as we examine the metaphysical world and look toward the horizon!


November 2021 Programs

November 3, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Cryptids and Creatures from Folklore

Humans have been telling stories at the campfire of strange creatures that exist between worlds since the dawn of our existence. These creatures go by many names, some are good and some are bad, and many are elemental forces of nature. Tonight, we examine many of these myths and legends. We examine the folklore of ancient Europe and the indigenous peoples of the Americas ranging from fae folk and leprechauns to skinwalkers and the thunderbird. We also compare these ancient myths with the modern cryptozoological creatures of today. What is it about these mysterious legends and beings that captures our imaginations so? Join us as we explore tales of wonder from both long ago and in the modern world on Spirit of Life!


November 10, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Dreams and Prophesies

Our dreams are often mysterious, provocative, and powerful. Our species has been trying to decipher and understand dreams throughout our existence, far predating written language. And every so often, events that are dreamed will come to be. Is this prophecy? How are dreams and prophecy related? And how is it possible for someone to possibly see into the future? These are only some of the questions we delve into tonight on another insightful journey into the metaphysical world on Spirit of Life!


November 17, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Time, Space, and the Ever-Changing Future

Time and space are fundamental to our physical existence, but the true nature of time alludes us. Is the future fixed, or is it in a constant state of flux? If a prophecy is made, is it possible for people to change their behavior and make different choices to avoid it? If the future is always in flux, is it possible the past can be changed to? Tonight on Spirit of Life, we discuss these questions and more as we explore the very nature of free will and the reality we find ourselves in. Join us for another journey into the metaphysical world!


November 24, 2021

Mindful Expansion

Traditions, celebrations, family, and friends. In an often dark world, these things can and do bring enormous comfort. On this Spirit of Life episode, we honor of the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States by discussing the power of human social connections on our health, both physical and mental. We explore the power of celebration and tradition for good and ill. There are times when tradition can be unhealthy; we may have family that are toxic. When we find this to be true, we create new family with lifelong friends and form new and healthy traditions. We will always find reason to be thankful and celebrate life as it gives us hope, and hope is what allows us to charge forward into the unknown!


October 2021 Programs

October 6, 2021

Mindful Expansion

Life can be hectic, it can be a whirlwind, and sometimes life just happens. In tonight's broadcast, we delve into strategies that help us to manage our time and our lives. It’s important to have a balance and it’s also important to make time for ourselves and our own self-improvement. This can be anything from building on our knowledge through education and learning new skills, to something more tangible and working with our hands on a project. It’s important to remember what kind of life we want to look back on. When we push ourselves to be better, to be constructive, we make a better world in the process. Please join us on Spirit of Life as together we explore the human experience!


October 13, 2021

Mindful Expansion

On this week's Spirit of Life, we have an open discussion that ranges from energy frequencies, new technologies changing the world, and the prospect of a global human consciousness. There is much we are still learning about the fundamental underpinnings of consciousness and, as we continue to advance our knowledge, our awareness of what is possible grows. We also take time to look back and explore how human behaviors have changed over time. Please join us as we continue to engage our curiosity and improve our understanding of the human experience!


October 20, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Exploring the Mysterious and Unknown

Humanity has always struggled to cope with the unknown such as fear of what comes after death, or fearing the anger of an unknowable god or gods, or fear of what we cannot know, and therefore cannot control. For countless millennia, fear of the unknown coupled with the desire to control what one cannot control has caused immense suffering. But human awareness is evolving. We know now that we do not need to be afraid of the unknown and unknowable. As Albert Einstein said, "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious." Tonight on Spirit of Life, we explore the unknown and embrace the mysterious to challenge our listeners to raise their awareness to explore the unknown with courage, and always to Do No Harm, and Do Right.


October 27, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Spirits and the Paranormal

Tonight we explore the history of Halloween, its origins in pre-Christian Europe, and how it has developed through to the modern age. How did an ancient festival morph into the annual celebration we know today? We also discuss spirits, ghosts, and other paranormal phenomena with a special first hand account from Dr. Hunter herself! Join us as we explore the possibilities of the paranormal on Spirit of Life!


September 2021 Programs

September 1, 2021

Mindful Expansion - The Patterns of Life

We've all lived a scenario where we're thinking of someone and they call, or when we're traveling in a different town or city and meet someone we know from home. There are patterns to life we, of course, can see and measure. And there are patterns of life and patterns of the world we can barely glimpse. Tonight, we discuss the patterns of not only our personal lives but explore the patterns and rhythms of the world around us and how they intersect. We also touch on the importance of staying grounded; just because we think we see a pattern doesn't mean it's real.. Please join us as we explore the fascinating possibilities of existence on this week's Spirit of Life!


September 8, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Portal's and Earth's Energy Conduits

For countless millennia, various human societies have been fascinated with the places of the Earth that exude a sense of power and energy. Tonight, we explore the fascinating concept of Ley Lines in the world. We take a sensible approach to the idea of portals, vortexes, and places of great energy in the world. And as always, we engage our curiosity about what is possible. Join us on Spirit of Life as we continue to explore the unknown!


September 15, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Time Travel

Is time travel possible? Is time fixed, or can it be changed? Is time cyclical? On today's broadcast, we examine these questions and more. Time is such a fundamental part of the human experience, and that of all life, we cannot conceive of an existence without it. But is there a realm that is not bound by linear events that is not corporeal in nature? Please join us in an exploration of time itself on Spirit of Life!


September 22, 2021

Mindful Expansion - No Program Tonight



September 29, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Past Life Experiences

Reincarnation is a concept that has been with humanity for countless millennia and tonight we examine one aspect of this: past life memories. We examine cultures and traditions around the world who hold the notion of past lives to be almost common place. We share stories of past life experiences, and also try to examine them with a critical eye. We also discuss past life regression hypnosis, both it's power to shed light and it's potential to create false memory. Please join us as we explore this and more on Spirit of Life!


August 2021 Programs

August 4, 2021

Mindful Expansion - The Importance of Meditation and Reflection

Life can be a chaotic maelstrom and if we’re not careful, we can be swept away in it. Tonight on Spirit of Life, we examine the importance of meditation and reflection to our mental health and wellness. These skills are essential to healthy growth throughout one’s life. During our discussion, we examine the various types of meditation and finding the one that best fits your life. Self-reflection is a powerful tool as well, as is the ability to look at ourselves objectively and in context within the world around us. Please join us for a meditative and insightful edition of Spirit of Life!


August 11, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Cultivating Friendships

What brings happiness in life? That answer will be different for each of us, but something that is always going to be integral to our pursuit of happiness are the friends and loved ones in our lives. On tonight's Spirit of Life, we discuss the many different ways we can healthily cultivate friendships. All healthy relationships must be win-win--friendships especially so. In addition to the practical benefits discussed on having a support structure, there are numerous health benefits both physical and mental. Cultivating relationships takes energy, but it is always worth it. Please join us as we explore another facet of the human experience on Spirit of Life!


August 18, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Cultivating Intimate Relationships

Tonight we take a look at part two of cultivating relationships, this time focusing on intimate relationships. No matter what era humans have lived in, there have been the same key ingredients to forming and cultivating intimate romantic partnerships in life. It requires trust; it requires effort; and it requires healthy expectations and open communication. We will talk about the best ways to cultivate healthy intimate partnerships and dispel common misconceptions such as "opposites attract". Join us as we explore another facet of the human experience on Spirit of Life!


August 25, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Facing the Unknown

There are few things more daunting, intimidating, or unnerving than facing the unknown. And there are few things more invigorating, fulfilling, or wondrous than exploring the unknown. Humans are by nature explorers. We explore our world and the space around us, and we explore ideas and concepts to find a higher truth. We have learned over eons how to face down the unknowable each and every day, but there are times where fear of the unknown or uncontrollable causes us to hesitate or back down, or to not act when we should. But there is nothing more powerful than facing the great unknown with courage and hope. Join Drs. Vicki Hunter & Michael Kelley as they discuss how to best control fear of the unknown and face the day with hope on this episode of the Spirit of Life!


July 2021 Programs

July 7, 2021

Mindful Expansion - The Implications of Alien Life Part 2

In tonight’s Spirit of Life broadcast, we continue our discussion of alien life and the implications on humanity and our worldview. We discuss reports from people who have seen UFO phenomena first hand. We also debate the influence alien contact may have had on human culture and technology, and we examine the implications for our spiritual life. What may the afterlife look like for a being born to another world? While we can only speculate, these thought experiments help us expand our minds as to what may be possible; for in a world of infinite diversity there is infinite possibility. Join us for another exploration of the world, and universe, around us!


July 14, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Do No Harm

Do no harm is not as simple as it sounds. Tonight, we discuss what we mean by this and how it can be more complicated than it first appears. It’s important not only to consider harm caused to others but the harm we sometimes cause ourselves. And we stress the importance of not only “doing no harm” but also “doing right” in this life. How do we avoid doing harm? Increasing our awareness, when we increase our awareness we increase our ability to co-exist peacefully. Join Drs. Vicki Hunter & Michael Kelley for another discussion of the metaphysical world on this week’s Spirit of Life!


July 21, 2021

Mindful Expansion

Tonight we discuss a range of topics on Spirit of Life. Dr. Hunter shows the power of deductive reasoning and it's importance to critical thinking. We also discuss the dangers of tribalism and how to address inherent human biases. We stress that we are one people and have one destiny. And most important of all is that we find strength in one another, that we constantly strive to improve, and that there can be healthy criticism. Please join us for another exploration of the human experience!


July 28, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Can Psychics Locate Missing Persons?

There have been many tales in the media speaking of psychics and their seemingly miraculous ability to find missing persons. Tonight we explore the possibility of this phenomena and the ability of certain psychics to find missing persons and items. How can this be done? How often are they correct in finding the missing subject? While no one can state definitively, we will discuss many possible theories. And the discussion is not limited to a psychic's ability to locate lost subjects, we also investigate psychic intuition at large and the differences between intuition and perceptiveness. Please join us in our journey of curiosity and the human experience!


June 2021 Programs

June 2, 2021

Mindful Expansion - How Disjointed Thoughts Cause Altered Realities

Part of being human is being able to find patterns, to be able to find connections in the world. Cause and effect. But life is complex and there are many variables. How can we know what to trust? In this episode, we explore the subject of apophenia, and how disconnected thoughts can create new realities. We cover many topics, from superstitions to conspiracy theories, and the truth that correlation does not equal causation. Please join us for another exploration of the human experience!


June 9, 2021

Mindful Expansion

Tonight we discuss a range of topics, from the pitfalls of victimhood and the "I'm special" syndrome, to the wonders of self-actualization. We discuss how to not live in fear, and to focus on what we can control in a hectic world where life can get very bumpy. And finally we talk about the importance of connecting with one another in emotional and spiritual ways, and the benefits of healthy competition. Join us as we again explore the many diverse facets of simply being human in this often uncertain world!


June 16, 2021

Mindful Expansion

What is the divine? How can we explore this concept without tying it to the old concepts of an Abrahamic God? Tonight we’re going to explore this and more on Spirit of Life. We delve into why we use words such as divine and the power they have, and how language and its meaning change over time, and how we as a people have changed. We look at how each of us can define divinity for ourselves, and find it in unique ways in each of our lives. Please join Drs Michael Kelley and Vicki Hunter in another discussion of the wider world around us!


June 23, 2021

Mindful Expansion - The Power of Responsibility

There is an incredible power in taking responsibility for oneself. It’s entwined with taking one’s power back and being an enlightening being. There is a responsibility we owe to ourselves, to learn and grow everyday, to safeguard our own wellness; and a responsibility to our world to be an active part in making it better and helping others when we can. Tonight join Drs. Vicki Hunter & Michael Kelley as they explore these topics and more on Spirit of Life!


June 30, 2021

Mindful Expansion - The Implications of Alien Life Part 1

There are few ideas more provocative to the human imagination than alien life. There are so many unknowns and so many possibilities that it stirs in us a desire to know more, and perhaps know that we are truly not alone in the cosmos. Tonight we look at both the arguments for and against alien visitations. More importantly, we examine what kinds of implications sentient alien life has for our understanding of ourselves. And what would that intelligent life look like? How may it be different for us and how we understand intelligent life? We examine these concepts and more on Spirit of Life!


May 2021 Programs

May 5, 2021

Mindful Expansion - How to Deal With Feeling Spiritually Tired

We have all felt exhausted from time to time, physically & mentally tired. And there are times where we feel spiritually tired. What do we mean by this? And how can we address it? Tonight, we discuss these questions and find out how closely our spiritual energy is tied to our will and our drive in life. We explore strategies to find rejuvenation, and, while these can be different for different kinds of people, there are common things we can all do to find renewal. We can “relight the fire” so to speak. Join us tonight as we explore the human experience on Spirit of Life!


May 12, 2021

Mindful Expansion - What is Self-Awareness?

Human consciousness is a wonderful thing. Our ability to be self-aware has allowed us to explore the great questions of existence, what it means to be alive and truly appreciative of the world around us as well as our place in it. But while our sentience allows us to experience wondrous complexity and the beauty of life, it comes with a price. There is not one person that will walk this earth that has not felt the pain and sorrow that existence can bestow. Our awareness of the darkness of the world can be overpowering at times, but when context and balance is restored to our awareness, we find not only incredible strength but also that, often, the world isn’t quite as dark as we feared. Join us on another Spirit of Life broadcast as we grapple with the essential questions of Metaphysical Humanism!


May 19, 2021

Mindful Expansion

Tonight Dr.'s Vicki Hunter and Michael Kelley discuss a range of topics, from prophecy, to time travel, to our ability to learn from human history. Dr. Hunter tells of the coming Day of The New Sun, the name given to a large eclipse expected in the northern hemisphere in 2024 and a story from her past. Join us on a free ranging discussion the metaphysical world tonight on Spirit of Life!


May 26, 2021

Mindful Expansion - How Fiction Affects Reality

Our actions change the world around us in innumerable and profound ways, and tonight we look at what drives those actions. Our beliefs and thoughts lead to our actions and behaviors which shape the society and world in which we live. We examine art in various forms, but focus on fiction. Fiction also has a unique ability to shape our perception, to affect the world we live in, and often in ways that don't fully show themselves for generations. Life influences art, which influences life in a wondrous cycle of creativity and spurs the change of our society. Please join us for another Spirit of Life as we continue to strive for a better understanding of the world around us!


April 2021 Programs

April 7, 2021

Mindful Expansion - How to Control Fears

What is fear and where does it come from? Fear is a profound motivation for people and it’s not always unhealthy. As with all emotions, balance is key. Tonight we examine the potential origins of this powerful emotion and how we can control it. We focus on perspective and what we can control. Fear can be intense, debilitating at times, but also motivating. It can be balanced with other emotions and our intellect to help us navigate this world with reason and purpose. Join us as we explore another facet of humanity and the world of metaphysics!


April 14, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Futility and How to Deal with it

When we as human beings look at the immensity of existence, it can impart feelings of futility and meaninglessness. Where do these feelings come from? But more importantly, how do we cope with these feelings? Tonight, we explore the concepts of futility and nihilism. We talk about the importance of finding meaning in the moment and being able to appreciate the here and now. When the world seems so full of chaos and strife and you find existence pointless, remember there is a richness to life. There are wonders to behold in this world and many profound things to experience as we navigate through our lives. When we find our meaning, we defeat futility. Please join us as we discuss these things and more on Spirit of Life!


April 21, 2021

Mindful Expansion - The Metaphysics of Entropy

Entropy is at the center of the laws of thermodynamics and it has a central role in most aspects of our lives. We not only delve into the concept of entropy but also explore its opposite, negentropy. We examine real life applications on how to limit entropy and utilize negentropy to conserve & even regain energy in life. And we end our discussion examining the cyclical nature of our universe and existence, and that energy never dies; it is simply transformed. Join us as we again explore our world through a metaphysical lens on Spirit of Life!


April 28, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Managing Covid Fatigue

It has been a long year and our society has changed in many ways. The coronavirus pandemic has affected different peoples and different parts of the world in a variety of ways. Many families have endured great hardship and even those that have been spared that pain have undergone more isolation, job insecurity, and anxiety. Over a prolonged period of time this will undoubtedly lead to fatigue and downright exhaustion. Tonight we explore ways we can alleviate this fatigue. We find strength in one another, and we are thankful for the technology that allows us to stay connected during these trying times. There is an end in sight and together we will endure and prosper. Join us for another Spirit of Life broadcast!


March 2021 Programs

March 3, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Past Lives and Injured Memories

Tonight we explore again the realm of past lives and how those lives can affect our present. We explore the notion of past life injury showing itself in this life, and we share stories from Dr. Hunter, and our live listeners of past experiences of this very phenomena. What kind of implications can this have for the nature of our existence? How does this tie in to our perceptions of the world around us? Join us as we try to answer these questions and more on another journey through the metaphysical world!


March 10, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Perceptions of Reality

What is more metaphysical than talking about perceptions of reality? When we explore human awareness we delve into the nature of our lives, and how we build the reality around us. We do this through conscious and unconscious thought, and we also talk about how we can change our perceptions of reality with focused thought and positive energy. The power of human belief is incredible and immense, and we hold that power in our hands to shape our reality. Join us tonight for a journey through metaphysics!


March 17, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Spirituality of Relationships

The spirituality of relationships is a broad topic. Tonight we discuss relationships of all types but focus on intimate relationships. We discuss the concept of a soul mate, and how soul mates can be something that is created over time and shared experience. We talk about the importance of healthy relationships and the positive spirituality therein, and also the danger of toxic relationships. And we look at how people with different philosophical and spiritual beliefs can still have healthy relationships when they share core values and mutual respect. Tonight we investigate another avenue of the human experience!


March 24, 2021

Mindful Expansion

As we pass through the spring equinox, we take the opportunity to reflect on change and new beginnings. We also explore our intuition. How can we hone our intuition, and better listen to our inner selves for a happier life? We not only discuss this but we also talk about the need to be careful in how we successfully apply our intuition. It can be swayed by our bias, and it's ever important that we keep ourselves grounded. Join us tonight as we delve into these topics and more to try and better understand the world around us!


March 31, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Cultural Views of Spirits and Apparitions

One thing that permeates all human cultures throughout time and across the globe is a belief in spirits and apparitions. Tonight we delve into the metaphysics of those ghosts & apparitions, common theories, and their history. We will discuss how different cultures explain apparitions in different ways and what they mean to those peoples. We also explore the power of belief, and its all important role in how we view the world around us. Please join us for another riveting discussion of the metaphysical world!


February 2021 Programs

February 3, 2021

Mindful Expansion

There are few things more interesting, riveting, and oftentimes mysterious than our dreams. On this broadcast we explore our dreams and the underlying meaning they can have. We talk not only about the unconscious mind, but the collective unconscious. Are we humans entangled & interconnected with one another through a collective unconscious mind? Join us as we explore the depths of our dreams and metaphysical entanglement in tonight's Spirit of Life broadcast!


February 10, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Paranormal Talk with Dr. Doug Kelley

Our world is vast, and full of wonder. And there have been many paranormal events that defy explanation. However, tonight we discuss the importance of staying grounded, and to look for solid reasoning and evidence to support our claims and ideas. Dr. Doug Kelley joins us to discuss the importance of proper paranormal investigation and the fundamental wisdom of Occam's Razor; in the absence of evidence the simplest explanation is likely the correct one. We explore critical thinking, and we delve into the programs that the Institute of Metaphysics offers for exploring this field. Join us for another engaging discussion on the world of metaphysics!


February 17, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Prophetic Dreams and Warning Dreams

Our dreams fascinate & mystify us, and can be windows into our unconscious mind. But they can, at times, also offer a window into the outside world. Many of us can recall a situation that is strongly familiar, it’s more than deja vu, and suddenly the dream comes back to you. Some can intuit further, and it’s long been held that dreams can bring visions of the future. Not all are bad. Tonight we explore these concepts of both positive and negative prophecy, the power of human consciousness, and delve into the strange and twisting nature of time with probabilities and outcomes constantly in shift. Join us for another fascinating discussion of metaphysics!


February 24, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Time Warps and Memory

Human memory is a tricky thing. On one hand, it's key to the narrative we build for ourselves, our lives, and our identities. On the other, it's often unreliable, can be easily manipulated, and even false memories can be created, thus changing the narrative. Tonight we discuss the intricacies of human memory, and explore the relationship of time and perception. Join us for another exploration of human consciousness!


January 2021 Programs

January 6, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Finding Something in Nothingness, with Dr. Doug Kelley

We have seen much chaos of late, and when we are faced with such challenges it’s important to face them head on. Tonight Dr. Doug Kelley tackles the issues that have come to the forefront in our society with recent acts of violence in the United States Capitol. When times necessitate, there can be no ambiguity when it comes to the moral position of the International Church of Metaphysical Humanism, and Dr. Kelley states that position unequivocally in tonight’s broadcast. We further explore the ability to find meaning, finding something worth pursuing, in nothingness. We discuss how in the face of seeming futility we can find hope, how we can find purpose in helping those around us, enjoying our lives, and contributing to a better world. Join us as we usher in the new year and face our challenges head on!


January 13, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Core Values & Maintaining Boundaries

What do we define as core values? And, is there such a thing as universal core values? Tonight, we take a deep dive into ethics, integrity, and respect for life. We also discuss the importance of maintaining healthy boundaries, and how that is itself a critical value to hold for a happy life. Join us as we again explore the world of Metaphysics and philosophy!


January 20, 2021

Mindful Expansion

There are moments in life we find the need to reset, not only as individuals, but, at times, as a people. We discuss tonight the potential for collective energy shifts, that is the collective will and actions of a community and society shifting fundamentally. We talk about the positive energy that we can contribute to this, and how we can help shape the world we find ourselves in. Join us as we explore these topics and more on another deep dive into the metaphysical realm!


January 27, 2021

Mindful Expansion - Reincarnation

It can be argued that life and the world around us has a cyclical nature, but does this dynamic hold true as we journey into the next phase of our existence? Tonight we take another deep dive into the world of metaphysics talking about reincarnation. We begin with its eastern roots, going through Buddhism and into more esoteric ideas about life and the soul. We also explore the relationship of linear time with the concept of life and rebirth. Please join us as we explore the fascinating and wide ranging concept of reincarnation!