Principle of Belief 7

Principle 7: We believe in Self-Acceptance, Self-Responsibility, and Respect for Free Will, and that these three synergistically create the goal of Self-Completeness (self-actualization).

Life Leadership ParagonThe Life Leadership ParagonTM is a metaphysical model that I developed over a period of several years and describes four essential skills each of us must possess if we are going to be successful at literally anything in life. The word, “paragon” means “a model of excellence,” and the Life Leadership Paragon first describes the three skills of Self-Acceptance, Self-Responsibility, and Respect for Free Will. These three skills then synergistically create the fourth skill, Self-Completeness (also known as self-actualization). These four are much more than just skills; they are Universal Laws, and they apply to all sentient and enlightened beings.

Self-acceptance means to accept oneself completely and unconditionally. Such self-acceptance is vital to a healthy self-esteem, which in turn, is vital to successful life. Self-responsibility simply means taking responsibility for one’s actions. Respect for free will means that we respect others’ rights to choose their own paths, that we don’t try to control others, and that we respect their boundaries. Self-completeness occurs when we have mastered the previous three skills to a sufficient degree. Self-completeness means just what it says; that we are complete within ourselves and don’t “need” anything outside of ourselves to live a happy and productive life. It means that we are consistently and reasonably living up to our full potential in all aspects of life. However, it doesn’t mean that we cannot reach higher.

The Life Leadership ParagonTM is an integral part of all ICMH teachings on metaphysics and is explored in-depth in several courses at By the way, you now know what part of the ICMH logo represents.

—Rev. Douglas R. Kelley, PhD, CH, CSL


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