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Spirit of Life Radio Program - Exploring Science and Spirituality (Formerly, Metaphysical Universe)

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ICMH Church offers a variety of educational programs including regular live broadcasts. We continually work to feature a growing variety of topics and occasional guest speakers that contain many practical life-skills and relationship-enriching techniques. These will not only improve your life, but will also lift your spirits!




June 6, 2010

Are You Star Material?

Join us for our premier show! In this first 30 minute broadcast, Dr. Douglas Kelley discusses a fresh perspective in viewing ourselves and others. If you are having self-doubts and are a little low on self-confidence, then tune in! It will be sure to leave you with a more positive feeling about yourself and others. This episode discusses ICMH Principle of Belief 7.


June 13, 2010

Doing No Harm, Doing Right, and Paying it Forward

In this episode, Dr. Douglas Kelley shows you how to make millions by doing good for others! Okay, that's not exactly accurate... it was just a shameless attention-getter :). But you will learn how to prosper in life and relationships by doing no harm, doing right, and paying it forward. This episode discusses ICMH Principle of Belief 1.


June 20, 2010

The Indomitable Power of the Human Spirit

In this episode, Dr. Douglas Kelley discusses how powerful we are as human beings and how we can channel that power into accomplishing good and fulfilling our life's purpose. This show will also discuss ways to discover your life purpose. This episode discusses ICMH Principle of Belief 2.


June 27, 2010

How to Solve Problems and Find Solutions

So often, it seems like we can be buried with problems with no seeming solution. In this show, Dr. Douglas Kelley explores techniques for finding solutions to problems in life. This episode discusses ICMH Principle of Belief 3.


September 19, 2010

To Be or Not to Be - The Choice is YOURS!

Join Dr. Douglas Kelley as he interviews motivational speaker and author, Barbara Hofmeister, about her bestselling book entitled, "To Be or Not to Be - The Choice is YOURS!" The discussion includes her life experiences and concepts in overcoming hardship to live the life of one's dreams. Barbara is a refugee from Communist Germany and knows first hand what it is like to live in adverse circumstances. Severely abused and with low self-esteem, she set out to live her personal dream traveling the world sharing what she learned from the “University of Hard Knocks” with a wide audience. Don't miss this broadcast as it will inspire you to reach out and attract that which you desire!


October 24, 2010

Tools for the New Paradigm with Patty Greer

Join Dr. Douglas Kelley as he interviews Patty Greer, an accomplished singer, songwriter, pianist, harpist, and award-winning documentary film maker. Patty will discuss her Tools for the New Paradigm which include expanding awareness for who and where we are as race, how we can enhance our lives with greater awareness, and how we can become more attuned to the greater Universal Consciousness.


December 12, 2010

Developing and Managing Psychic Ability

Join Dr. Douglas Kelley as he welcomes Psychic Lawyer, Mark Anthony to discuss psychic development and offer live psychic readings.